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Newborn Care Specialist

Caring for your newborn with compassion and  Grace

Service Overview

Our Newborn Care Specialists – also commonly referred to as “baby nurses” – are not registered nurses but do possess specialized training and certifications in newborn care and prenatal support. A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) can assist you throughout the entire pre- and post- birth process. This is an especially great option for first time mothers.

Pre-birth care allows you the time to get to know your care specialist prior to them working with your newborn. They can accompany you to medical appointments to keep a log of information and ensure you ask the right questions. They can recommend a prenatal diet to help you feel your best, or even assist with setting up the nursery and seeing to it that you have everything you need in place before bringing your little one home. Once your new addition is home let our newborn care specialists gift you the luxury of peace of mind.

What Schedule Works Best for You?

With Grace offers newborn care experts who can fit the needs of your busy life and schedule. Depending on the level of support you are looking for, our caregivers can provide:

How Can a Newborn Care Specialist Help Me?

Our NCS’s possess a wealth of knowledge about newborn care and development. Allow them to support you during the day so you may focus on your own rest and recovery. They not only have the knowledge to care for your little one but also the expertise to support a healing mother.

Are you in desperate need of developing good sleeping habits so that your family can rest and recharge through the night? Or possibly looking for assistance during the day with feedings, changes and logging the relevant information for upcoming Dr.’s visits? We can assist you with:

Our Locations

Areas Served

With Grace places elite nannies in the Greater New York City Area, Westchester, Long Island, and now Southern Florida and New Jersey.

What are the rates?

What are the schedule options?

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