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Our Process

Caring for your loved ones with compassion and Grace

Get the Perfect Caregiver Match

Our Selection Process

Our selection process will be uniquely suited to your family. In your search for support, we understand the fears of bringing an unfamiliar face into your home. The With Grace selection process ensures your caregiver won’t feel like a stranger, but more like the help you have been searching for! We take the reins during the arduous, thorough screening process ultimately matching you with the helping hand that you would have selected yourself.

Step 1

Client Care Consultation and Intake Process

In order to make the perfect caregiver match, we must first get a better understanding of your family’s unique needs. Allow one of our Placement Specialists to guide you through the Client Care Consultation and Intake Process so they may gather the necessary information needed for the perfect match.

Step 2

Finding Your Care Specialist

Once your Placement Specialist completes the consultation and has a thorough understanding of your specific needs, preferences, personality, and required skill set, the selection process takes place. You will be presented with one or more child care professionals, including their comprehensive backgrounds, references and resumes. We will arrange in-person or virtual interviews, as well as assist in negotiating your caregiver’s contract and salary.

Step 3

Hiring and Onboarding

Allow us to sort out all the onboarding details to make this transition as seamless as possible. In addition to assistance with negotiating the caregiver’s contract and salary, we can guide you on all other facets of hiring and employing a nanny.

Step 4

On-Going support

Once your With Grace Child Care Specialist has joined your family, we continue to provide ongoing support. Should a short-term or even permanent replacement be necessary, we will be there to ensure a seamless transition. With Grace is able to support you in the many phases of your family’s needs from pre-birth coaching, to one-on-one newborn care and long term nanny or even in-home education. As your family grows, With Grace has a talented team of professionals to meet your every need.

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