New Mom’s Breastfeeding Guide


Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience for both mothers and babies. It not only provides the baby with a perfectly nutritious meal on demand but also strengthens the mother-child bond.

While breastfeeding is natural, the journey is unique for everyone and not always easy. Here are a few great things that can help you prepare for a successful breastfeeding experience.

  • Getting the baby to properly latch on to your nipples and feed successfully can take effort and time. In the hospital, get all the help you can get from a lactation consultant or an experienced nurse. They can help the baby get the right latch and the milk she needs.
  • A breastfeeding pillow can help you position the baby correctly for breastfeeding and prevent strain while you are holding the baby. So, buy one ahead of time and bring it to the hospital.
  • In the first few days, your milk may not fully come in. Initially, the mothers’ body produces colostrum, a yellowish liquid to boost the baby’s immune system.
  • Breastfeeding can hurt! Your nipples may feel sore or sensitive, or become red, even cracked.
  • Pumping can help your milk to come in. If your baby takes the breast, pump after breastfeeding.
  • Newborns need milk often. Be prepared to spend a lot of time nursing and for long stretches of time.
  • Consider hiring a baby nurse or newborn care specialist. They can take care of the baby between feeds and at night, so you can get your well-deserved rest and feel fresh at the time of breastfeeding.

Successful breastfeeding requires you remain to remain positive and calm, without giving up. The more positivity and calmness you can maintain, the more likely you are to be successful!

Wondering what it takes to hire a baby nurse or night nurse for your newborn, call (833) 446-0399 or write to Using our proven process of matching you with the right specialist, we can help you hire newborn care specialists and nannies in the greater New York City Area, Westchester and Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and the Hamptons.

Looking for a Newborn Care Expert?


Are you worried about taking care of your newborn once you come home from the hospital? Do you wish you had a newborn care expert by your side?

With Grace Care Specialists Manhattan is delighted to offer new parents the professional services of Newborn Care Specialists!

Who are Newborn Care Specialists?

Newborn Care Specialists, a.k.a. baby nurses or night nurses, are specialized and certified childcare professionals, who are trained in and focus on the care and well-being of newborn infants.

Compared to a regular nanny, a newborn care specialist –

  • works independently with minimal guidance from you
  • trained in helping the baby develop the right feeding and sleeping habits
  • familiar with care and behaviours of newborn babies
  • experienced in taking care of preemies and multiples too
  • easily recognize signs and can help in case of situations, like food allergies, and colic in babies
  • understanding of Postpartum issues and can address them to some extent

What can a Newborn Care Specialist do?

Newborn care specialists understand newborn care and development. They can support you in taking care of the baby so you may focus on your own rest and recovery.

An experienced newborn care specialist can help in –

  • Feeding, breastfeeding support, and guidance during their first 3 to 6 months
  • Initiate and execute a successful routine so that your newborn sleeps through the night and nap well
  • Umbilical cord and circumcision care
  • Maintaining detailed development logs that you can share with the baby’s doctor
  • Light housekeeping related to the baby
  • Preparation, washing / sterilizing bottles
  • Organizing the child’s nursery
  • Maintaining a safe environment for the baby

Newborn care specialists or baby nurses can be hired to care for your newborn overnight, day shifts or for live-in around the clock the care.

Have questions about hiring a newborn care specialist or night nurse for your newborn twins, call (833) 446-0399 or write to We can help you with our personal selection process to connect you with just the right newborn care specialist, nurse or nanny in the greater New York City Area, Westchester and Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and the Hamptons.

Expecting Twins? Tips for Parents


The news that you’re having twins can be thrilling and frightening at the same time! With these mixed emotions, you need to prepare for the challenges and joys that lie ahead.

The most important thing to do is to accept your babies. As soon as they are here, they need your love and strength. Here are 6 big tips for parents expecting twins, from newborn care specialists.


The first milestone in your journey as the parents of twins is to accept that you’re having twins. This may make you think of double the work but don’t forget that it also means double the joy. Embrace the gift. It may need some more preparation since your family is growing faster than you imagined. Your mindset will be the most important factor for your preparedness.


Gather information about life as parents of twins. Read articles, take a parenting class, or join a twin-parent support group. This is the time you may also want to share the news with your family, because their love and support is precious.

Once the twins are here, you may have to hit the ground running. When you feel exhausted, remind yourself of the joy and the fact that you’ll keep growing every day with your babies.

Don’t See Double

Twins are double the love, giggles, and joy. At the same time, they are also double the bottles, laundry, and care. Don’t forget that each baby is unique and will develop at their own pace. No two babies, not even twins, are the same. Do not compare them in negative ways.

Develop Patience

Parents of twins must learn to be patient. Of course, it isn’t easy, especially when you’re poorly rested or sleep deprived. It is best to hire a newborn care specialist to help out with baby care. They can take turns with you, create a newborn life schedule, and keep the babies in sync whenever possible. It is ideal for the twins to nap, feed, and play together. Babies often mimic their environment, and the newborn care specialist or baby nurse can help you create a calm space that will help them thrive.

Have questions about hiring a newborn care specialist or night nurse for your newborn twins, call (833) 446-0399 or write to We can help you with our personal selection process to connect you with just the right newborn care specialist, nurse or nanny in the greater New York City Area, Westchester and Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and the Hamptons.

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression?

nurse for your newborn

Most new mothers experience baby blues after giving birth. The common signs – crying, mood swings, irritability and anxiety – may last up to two weeks.

While most new mothers experience baby blues, a large number suffers from postpartum depression. Many find it difficult to talk about the subject and some never do out of fear or shame. If you are expecting twins or multiples, the risk of postpartum depression is higher.

Are they different?

It is not easy to say when a mom may move from baby blues into postpartum depression but one of the biggest differentiators is the duration of symptoms. Baby blues symptoms usually disappear in two weeks but postpartum depression can last up to a year.  If you are still experiencing the signs after two weeks or longer, it is most likely postpartum depression.

Seek professional help

If you or a loved one is experiencing postpartum depression, it is important to seek professional help. Postpartum depression is not a weakness or something to be ashamed of. Your OB can refer you to a therapist, who specializes in postpartum depression. Alternatively, you can seek out a therapist’s help directly. Most moms feel better quickly with the help of therapy and/or medication.

Be kind to yourself

Some moms blame themselves for how they are feeling. Remember that you are only human and worthy of kindness, love and support. Postpartum depression is a condition, like any other, and can be resolved with the right treatment and support.

Prevent postpartum depression

Seeking the help of a baby nurse or newborn care specialist can help to prevent a great deal of the stress that comes with taking care of a newborn. It also ensures you have time for self-care, which is extremely important to help with postpartum depression. Hiring a newborn care specialist or night nurse ensures you are well rested, and less stressed, which means you are less likely to get postpartum depression. Keep your loved ones close. Having a good support system means you don’t have to do this alone.

Parenthood can be isolating and sometimes it’s helpful to know you aren’t alone. Tapping into local centers such as The Nesting Place on Long Island can be a great way to connect with other parents in your community. Support groups such as the fourth trimester support circle and parent and me classes like the ones offered at The Nesting Place are a great way to get out of the house with your baby, and meet others who are likely experiencing similar challenges. Learn more at .

If you have more questions or you simply want to understand the process of hiring a night nurse for your newborn or nanny for child care in Manhattan NY, call us at (833) 446-0399 or write to We can help you hire newborn care specialists and nannies in the greater New York City Area, Westchester and Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and the Hamptons.

Why do Parents Hire a Baby Nurse or Night Nurse?


Is a baby nurse or new born care specialist (NCS) right for our baby? How will my baby benefit from a baby nurse? Can we afford hiring a baby nurse?

Many new parents ask these questions. Let’s take a quick look at a few benefits you should consider when making the decision about hiring a baby or night nurse for your baby.

Benefits of Hiring a Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse)

A Rested Mom = A Happy Mom and Happy Baby

A baby is one of the biggest changes in your routine as well as your life. Everything is new with a baby, and it’s probably the farthest you would feel from your regular routine. You’re excited, tired and overwhelmed, all at the same time. However, a baby professional can help.

Whether you are hiring a baby nurse to take care of your baby so you can sleep through the night or you need your energy back as you recover from a C-section, you will definitely be able to get enough rest and recover quickly. This is great for your baby too. As a well-rested, energetic mom, you can spend better quality time with your new baby and provide quality care during the rest of the day.

In addition, hiring a skilled baby nurse means a seasoned professional is looking closely after your newborn, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Education and Support

Trained baby nurses or newborn care specialists, referred by trusted, professional nanny agencies, such as With Grace Care Specialists, bring with them years of experience. They know how to help new moms breastfeed, set up a sleep schedule and fulfill the baby’s needs. A baby nurse can also help you with difficult situations like calming a fussy baby, dealing with colic, and taking care of a preemie or multiples. Baby nurses not only love caring for infants but they love being an educator and teaching new parents. As a new parent, knowing that you are doing things right by your baby can be a big relief.

Value Far Exceeds the Cost

The biggest questions parents have when considering a baby nurse is cost and privacy.  The cost of hiring a newborn care specialist is typically slightly higher than that of hiring a nanny, but the value you get is unparalleled. Many parents realize this after they and their baby have fallen into an unhealthy routine or developed habits that are hard to change.

Even if you hire a night nurse for a few weeks, adequate rest and laying the foundation for good habits for the baby, such as the right sleep schedule, can be invaluable, according to the parents who hire a baby nurse.

Respect and Privacy

If you have concerns about privacy, know that baby nurses can offer as much or as little support as you need. They know when to step in and offer their assistance, but also respect your privacy and allow time for family bonding. Usually after just one day, parents rest easy knowing that their baby is being well cared for. Your peace of mind and rest can only help you in spend better quality time with your new baby.

If you have more questions or you simply want to understand the process of hiring a night nurse for your newborn or nanny for child care in Manhattan NY, call us at (833) 446-0399 or write to We can help you hire newborn care specialists and nannies in the greater New York City Area, Westchester and Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and the Hamptons. Alternatively, if you looking for hourly nanny jobs or newborn care specialist jobs in NYC or Long Island, apply HERE to join our team of elite child care professionals.

5 Advantage of Hiring Full Time Nanny Services


Balancing work and family can be a challenging task, particularly for parents with young children. Hiring a full-time nanny can be the perfect solution. A full-time nanny is a professional who provides care for your child on a regular basis, usually for 40 to 60 hours per week.

Customized care and attention

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a full-time nanny is that you can customize the care and attention your child receives. When you hire a full-time nanny, you have the opportunity to work with them to develop a personalized plan that meets your child’s needs. This can include everything from developing a feeding and sleeping schedule to incorporating educational and developmental activities. Additionally, a full-time nanny can offer one-on-one attention, which can help your child develop more quickly and feel more secure in their environment.

Convenience and flexibility

Another significant advantage of hiring a full-time nanny is the convenience and flexibility that it provides. With a full-time nanny, you don’t have to worry about drop-off and pick-up times or finding last-minute child care when something unexpected comes up. Additionally, you have more flexibility in your schedule, as your nanny can work around your needs and schedule. This can be particularly useful for parents who work irregular hours or have demanding schedules.

Consistency and reliability

When you hire a full-time nanny, you are hiring someone who will be a consistent and reliable presence in your child’s life. Unlike part-time or occasional babysitters, a full-time nanny will be with your child every day, providing a stable and secure environment. This consistency can be particularly important for young children who thrive on routine and predictability.

Peace of mind and reduced stress

Parenting can be a stressful job, and hiring a full-time nanny can help alleviate some of that stress. With a full-time nanny, you can rest easy knowing that your child is in good hands and is receiving high-quality care. Additionally, a nanny can take care of many of the day-to-day tasks associated with child care, such as preparing meals, doing laundry, and driving your child to activities. This can free up your time and reduce your stress levels, allowing you to focus on work or other responsibilities.

Improved child development and education

Finally, hiring a full-time nanny can have a significant impact on your child’s development and education. A full-time nanny can provide educational and developmental activities that are tailored to your child’s needs and interests. Additionally, a nanny can help foster social skills by arranging playdates and other social activities. By working closely with your child and understanding their needs, a full-time nanny can help set them up for success both in the short-term and the long-term.

Hiring a full-time nanny can be an excellent option for parents who want to provide their children with high-quality care and attention while maintaining a busy work schedule. If you’re considering hiring a full-time nanny, a trusted nanny agency in New York and Florida, such as With Grace Care Specialists, to do your research and find a qualified and experienced professional, who is a good fit for your family and can provide the level of care and attention that your child deserves. Call 833-446-0399 or write to

What to Look For When Hiring a Nanny in Southern Florida


Hiring a nanny is an important decision for any family. A nanny is someone who will be spending a significant amount of time with your child, providing care and support, and becoming an integral part of your family’s life. When it comes to hiring a nanny, there are certain things that you should consider to ensure that you find the best person for the job. In this blog post, we will discuss what to look for when hiring a nanny.

Experience and Qualifications

The first thing to consider when hiring a Florida nanny is their experience and qualifications. You want to make sure that the nanny you hire has experience working with children and is qualified to provide the type of care your child needs. Make sure to ask for references and follow up with them to ensure that the nanny has a track record of providing high-quality care.

Personality and Compatibility

In addition to qualifications, it is important to consider the nanny’s personality and compatibility with your family. Your nanny should be someone who is kind, patient, and nurturing. They should be able to connect with your child and build a strong relationship with them. Additionally, you want to find someone whose personality and values match with your own. This will help to ensure a positive and harmonious relationship between your nanny and your family.

Safety and Security

Another important factor to consider when hiring a nanny is safety and security. You want to make sure that the nanny you hire is trustworthy and responsible. This may include conducting a background check and verifying their credentials. Additionally, you should ensure that your nanny has a clear understanding of safety protocols, such as how to respond in an emergency situation and how to keep your child safe while in their care.

Communication and Professionalism

Effective communication is key to a successful relationship between your family and your nanny. Make sure that your nanny is clear and open in their communication with you, and that they are willing to follow your instructions and provide regular updates on your child’s progress. You also want to find someone who is professional and reliable, and who takes their job seriously. This means showing up on time, dressing appropriately, and maintaining a positive and professional attitude at all times.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Finally, when hiring a nanny, you want to find someone who is flexible and adaptable. You never know when your schedule might change, or when unexpected circumstances may arise. Your nanny should be willing to work with you to find solutions that work for everyone. They should be able to adapt to changes in your child’s needs or routine, and be willing to take on new responsibilities as needed.

Hiring a nanny is an important decision that requires careful consideration. When looking for a nanny, it is important to consider all the above-mentioned factors to find a nanny who is well-suited to your family’s needs and who can provide the high-quality care and support that your child deserves. But it can be difficult for you to do all this on your own. A trusted nanny agency in New York and Florida, such as With Grace Care Specialists, can help you find the perfect nanny for your child. Call 833-446-0399 or write to

Busting 4 Popular Myths about Nanny Agencies


When new parents come to us, they have many misconceptions about full-service baby nurse and nanny agencies and how we work. This blog busts the most popular myths that we come across.

Myth 1: Newborn nurses and nanny agencies are too expensive

While several agencies charge nannies an application fee, With Grace do not charge nanny applicants. Many nanny agencies charge an initial search fee just to start the process but With Grace is one of the few agencies that only charge once the family finds their perfect nanny and hires the nanny.

As an agency committed to finding and connecting expert child care assistance with growing families, we select only qualified nannies, who meet our strict requirements and screening process. Our baby nurses and newborn care specialists and nannies are invested in their careers and are looking for the right family to work for. These nannies come with a high retention rate, and may even stay with a family for 2 years or even longer! That makes the initial cost completely worth the service. Working with an agency like With Grace Care guarantees a replacement period.

Myth 2: Pre-Determined Salaries

Many parents want to know the salary for a nurse or a nanny. What you should be asking about is the going rate for nannies in your city, schedule, and desired tasks. As an agency, we don’t pre-determine rates for our nannies.

When professional nannies apply to us, we discuss their salary history and future expectations. Their salaries vary but would likely fall within the average rates that nannies earn in your area.

Myth 3: Nanny agencies try to get higher salaries to get higher placement fee

While placement fees may be based on a percentage of the nanny’s annual salary, quality agencies match you with a nanny within your budget. The family decides the ultimate salary offer and the nanny chooses to accept or deny the offer.

The agency strives to find you the right fit. A lot of our business depends on word-of-mouth and referrals and a few hundred dollars is not worth the risk of losing our clients!

Myth 4: You can easily do it on your own

This is a most common misconception. Yes, you can search online, post nanny ads and receive applications, but nanny agencies present a definite advantage.

In addition to presenting you with fully screened and qualified candidates, we understand the nanny industry in your neighborhood and city. We know their interests, goals and opinions. This is instrumental in matching you with the right nanny and ensuring long term retention.

Don’t forget that finding the right baby nurse, newborn care specialist or nanny for your baby is an extremely time-consuming process. Most working parents do not have the time to post ads, schedule several interviews, and speak with the applicants’ references. With Grace Care specialists do all that for you, so that you can find the right fit in a reasonable amount of time.

A trustworthy baby nurse and nanny agency can also help you with better selection, a happy dedicated nanny, and longer retention.

If you have more questions or you simply want to understand the process better, call us at (833) 446-0399 or write to We can help you hire newborn care specialists and nannies in the greater New York City Area, Westchester and Long Island, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Do you know the difference between a Nanny and a Governess?

Nanny and a Governess

Nannies and governesses have been and continue to be an integral part of many families for a long time. Many parents will tell you how child care professionals have been like a sturdy rock in their children’s lives. 

Most parents are juggling to manage their personal and professional lives. Their busy schedules make it nearly impossible for them to be present for their young children 24/7. However, children require constant care and support.

A professional nanny or governess fills this gap and shares the responsibility of being a caregiver for the child when the parents are not around. If you are wondering how the two are different, read on. 


Nanny – The job of a nanny is to look after the child (or children) and offer care and support. They can help young children with feeding, bathing, dressing, taking naps, picking and dropping them at school, arranging playdates or fun activities, etc. They act as the family’s support system when it comes to child care. 

Governess – In earlier times, a governess’s responsibility was to focus primarily on a child’s educational development, to teach the children social etiquette, and be their personal tutor. 

Age Group

Nanny – Families hire qualified nannies soon after the child’s birth to care for the child. Generally, they work with the family till the child (or children) reaches the age of ten years. 

Governess- A governess used to help the child (or children) with academic support. So, families would hire governesses to help children with studies when the child reached the schooling age. And the governess stayed usually till the child reached high school.

If you are about to have a baby or if you are a new mother, it is best to hire a newborn care specialist who is qualified in infant and baby care. On the other hand, if your child is no longer an infant, but needs help bathing, dressing up, eating, playing, ask for a part-time or full-time nanny. If you are looking for a newborn care specialist or nanny in Manhattan, Long Island, or the Hamptons,  call With Grace Care Specialists at (833) 446-0399.

7 Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring A Nanny

Hiring A Nanny

Finding the perfect nanny is not a child’s play. Whether you are overwhelmed with the choices or scared because of the nanny nightmares you read about online, here are the 7 most important things to consider when you are hiring a nanny. 

1- Consult a reputed agency 

Run a Google search for, “nannies near me”, and you may find several agencies offering to find a suitable nanny for you, make sure you hire a reputable agency. Good agencies run a thorough background check and screening. They also help with  creating formal contracts and finalizing the terms and conditions of the contract between you and your nanny.

2- Assessing the candidate’s experience

Before you hire a nanny, you need to find out relevant details about the applicant’s professional experience with childcare services. An agency specializing in child care services can help you assess the skills and the ability of the nanny to handle the job well.

3- In-depth interview and screening

You will come across a variety of candidates applying for the job. Make sure you ask them about their previous duties and responsibilities and share your specific requirements as well. Ask them questions to test how they would respond in different situations.

4- Match the candidate’s qualification with your requirements 

Create a list of all the must-haves and good-to-haves that you seek in the nanny and look for a match at the time of the interview. Ensure that the candidate has the right set of skills and knowledge.

5- Check references

Before sealing the deal with a prospective candidate, ask for at least three references. These can be of the previous families, child care centers, or co-workers they have worked with. Check with these people to make sure that the candidate is what they claim to be. If you hire an agency, along with reference checks and screening, they can also run background checks for any past criminal records or offenses. 

6- Assess the candidate’s response and abilities for medical emergencies

Your nanny must know how to give First Aid and pediatric CPR. Ensure that they are able and certified to perform those in the hour of need.

7- Involve your children in the hiring process

At the end of the day, your children are the ones who’ll spend their time with the nanny. If your child is grown up enough, involve them and check if they get along with the prospective nanny!

Tired of looking for a trusted, professional nanny for your kids? Rest assured, With Grace Care Specialists has a pool of elite and qualified nannies who can fit the needs of your busy life and schedule. Depending on the level of support and assistance that you seek, they grant full-time and part-time nanny services, live-in and live-out nannies, and long-term and short-term nannies in Long Island and Manhattan, NYC. Get in touch with them to know more at (833) 446-0399.